Guido Sarti

Born in Pisa, 1993. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


With his painting, Guido Sarti captures the essence of fleeting moments of everyday life. With precise brushstrokes, Sarti captures shapes and spaces in detail, while light plays a central role, accentuating the atmosphere and emotions of the scenes. His art is inspired by 20th-century abstractionism, but balances logical order with immediate realism, following the tradition of the Euston Road School. Through his technique, Sarti reveals random geometries and gradations of color in the shadows, precisely delineating objects and scenes, whether they are furniture objects or human anatomies. His works create a sense of three-dimensionality through the interplay of color fields, evoking surreal visions similar to those of Edward Hopper. In everyday contexts, such as a kitchen, Sarti inserts unusual elements, such as suspended goldfish and human gestures, adding a touch of mystery.

This suggests that behind the tangible reality exists a nuanced world rich in memory, an effect generated by the complex visions Sarti captures from the tumultuous reality of contemporary society.

Recent exhibitions include Vittoria alata, Musa contemporanea – Group show at Colossi Art Gallery, Brescia (Italy); Heisse Pistole – Group show at Studio Walls, Vienna (Austria); Dramatic Headline – Group show with Studio Walls at Schottentor metro station, Vienna (Austria) 2020 Finalist of the Nocivelli Prize – Group shows at Chiesa della Disciplina, Verolanuova (Italy) 2019 Arte Padova – Group show, Padova (Italy).

He graduated in Visual Communication from L’Accademia Italiana “Art, Fashion and Design” in Florence in 2014.



Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan