Stefano Cerio

Born in Rome, 1962. Lives and works in Paris, France, and Rome, Italy.


His photographic career began when he was only 18 years old.
Since 2001, his interest has gradually shifted to research photography and video, paving the way for a series of distinct but interconnected projects. The focus of his work revolves around the concept of representation and the exploration of the boundary between visual perception, the narrative of reality, and the viewer’s expectations. One of the hallmarks of his poetics is his attention to detail and ability to transform common places into surreal scenarios. Cerio often uses the element of inexperience, inviting the viewer to see the world through a different perspective.

His works are characterized by meticulous attention to composition and lighting, creating images that capture the imagination and provoke deep reflection on the nature of reality. In addition, Cerio explores the theme of remembrance and memory, prompting the viewer to reflect on their experiences and future aspirations.

His poetics are imbued with a sense of suspension, in which time seems to dilate and situations become moments of contemplation. He is dedicated to creating scenes that, while not necessarily real, turn out to be incredibly lifelike. These projects include works such as “Synthetic Italian,” “Souvenir,” “Aqua park,” “Night Ski,” and “Chinese Fun.”
Each of these represents a stage in Cerio’s cohesive artistic journey, which focuses on the concept of memory, “other” locations that catalyze current desires and future memories, and the idea of vacation and leisure as a means of suspending the everyday. Stefano Cerio’s poetics focus on visual representation, the exploration of perceptions, and the creation of alternative spaces that challenge conventional reality.

His work moves along the border between the real and the imaginary, emphasizing the complexity of our visual perception and the possibility of manipulating it through art.

Recent exhibitions include Corpi d’aria, GALLERIA 1/9UNOSUNOVE, Rome, 2023; Aquila, Installation MAXXI Museum, L’Aquila, 2023;  Aquila, Studio Trisorio, Naples, 2022; Onna, Special project for MAXXI Museum, L’Aquila, 2021; Constructions instables, Italian Culture Center, Paris, 2019;  Amusement places, Pignatelli Museum, Naples, 2018; Night games, Del Cembalo Gallery, Rome 2017; Night games, Camera, Italian center for photography, Turin, 2017; Amusement, Gadcollection Gallery, Paris, 2017; Chinese fun, Volume Foundation, Rome, 2015.

After graduating in Transportation Engineering, he followed his passion for photography and completed his photographic training by graduating from REA Academy.


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan