March 6 - April 9, 2024

IPERCUBO is pleased to present 4003, Clarissa Falco‘s first solo show in Italy, with a critical text by Christian Nirvana Damato.

The exhibition consists of two series of works such as Dream of a Synthetic Body, 2021, and Motoria, 2019, by which the artist offers a provocative and reflective look at the relationship between the corporeal and the machinic, the natural and the artificial, inquiring about the future of our relationship with technology and exploring unknown and unpredictable territories.

The series Dream of a Synthetic Body was born following a performance made in 2021 in Galatina in Puglia. The work tells of a future where human reproduction occurs through their hybridization with machines; an attempt to create in/on our own body an autonomous zone of exception, capable of shedding new light on the hidden relationship between the corporeal and the artificial. The installation made with the use of different materials such as iron, plastic, small bones, lace, aluminum, steel, flowers, and enamel, tells of a product born precisely from the encounter between these two worlds. so distant that however have always been so close. From the same series, there will also be the photograph Dream of a Synthetic Body #1 realized during her performance in Puglia.

In Motoria, Falco converts motors into an installation by assembling and painting them in different colors: white, black, green, and pink—of the latter ral 4003 to which the title of the exhibition partly refers. The intention is to investigate the relationship between organic and inorganic, the possible influences, and the consequences. In this series, the female body is conceived as a machine without any distinction between subject and object. A body that is stripped of its appearance to become a motor.

The combination of body-machine on the one hand and natural-artificial on the other makes the exhibition 4003, as Christian Nirvana Damato declares, «a subject that struggles against a script overdetermined by the meaninglessness of living. 4003 is the resistant codification that attempts to cover the monster. 4003 is a hypothetical future appointment with the unknown fullness of emptiness. 4003 is the overwriting of the human being over technology. 4003 is the revolted glove of the system. 4003 is the face of a world with inhuman physiognomy, covered with an epidermis from elsewhere. 4003 is the following question: can we still change or have we always changed, inevitably for the worse? 4003 is the unsolvable subject, the only mathematically acceptable formula for avoiding an abyss of calculation and control toward which we are already plunged.»

Installation views and works

Motoria #1
Motoria #2
Motoria #3
Motoria #4
Motoria #5
Motoria #6


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan