Beyond This World

April 12 - May 5, 2023

Wizard Milan and galleria IPERCUBO are pleased to present Beyond This World, a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Gianni Lucchesi and Marko Lađušić.

The title brings together the interest of both artists in the otherworldly: for Lađušić through his interest in multiverses and the parallel temporal dimensions of past, present and futures, which coexist even when one is not able to perceive them; for Lucchesi through his growing interest in environmental concerns that recently lead him to try to imagine, following the theory of the hyperobject, dimensions that go beyond human scale in terms of time and space—which is also the reference for his 12 mt. site specific installation Operae in Università Statale’s courtyard during Milano Design Week. Lucchesi declared:

“At galleria IPERCUBO I engaged with Timothy Morton’s concept of ‘hyperobject,’ an idea that resulted in a turning point in my work. ‘Hyper-object’ is understood as something that man cannot conceive and which, in self-defence, keeps at a distance without fully perceiving its extent. This concept has given me the opportunity to think about my works from a different perspective and in this sense the exhibition represents a change of direction.”

The artist had focused before on the psychological aspects of the human, an apparently anthropocentric interpretation of reality. Whilst in his last solo show at IPERCUBO, OUT THERE, 2021, he already shifted his focus to the environment and the (often problematic) human relationship with it, in the present exhibition he carries on with this line of investigation imagining a post-apocalyptic scenario. In this new series of works, a new element, some reflecting surfaces, hint at an idea of alternative dimensions, which links his work to Lađušić’s.

 Marko Lađušić’s childhood experiences and mental landscapes have inspired the creation of an imaginary universe. In his paintings he uses a mesh-system to create a third dimension where microsystems multiply and disappear into infinity, creating an alternate perception of reality. These paintings represent cycles of creation, where the flow repeats indefinitely, much like a sunset that symbolizes not just death, but rebirth as well. Through the aforementioned idea of multiverses opens for Lađušić a hope to be found in parallel universes.

The exhibition is held in collaboration with Drina Gallery, and with the technical support for the works of Gianni Lucchesi of BMB italy.

Installation views and works


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan