Out There

September 3 - September 26, 2021


Galleria IPERCUBO is pleased to announce OUT THERE, an exhibition by Gianni Lucchesi (Pisa, 1965), with the collaboration of Davide Groppi as Lighting designer, and curated by Nicolas Ballario.

“At Galleria IPERCUBO I engaged with Timothy Morton’s concept of ‘hyperobject,’ an idea that resulted in a turning point in my work. ‘Hyper-object’ is understood as something that man can conceive but, in self-defence, keeps at a distance without fully perceiving its extent. This concept has given me the oppor- tunity to think about my works from a different perspective and in this sense the exhibition represents a change of direction.”
Since the 90s, Lucchesi has focused his research on the investigation of the psy- che of the individual in relation to the self, to others and to surroundings. “I have always worked on the psychological aspects of man, an apparently anthropocen- tric interpretation of reality, while OUT THERE shifts the gaze outside, hence the title.


The first series of works consists of sculptures where the human being is depict- ed through the miniature and inserted into surreal contexts that the artist refers to as “Interior environments” in which the bases transcend their support function, sometimes obtained from the removal of volumes from monoliths, sometimes built as a box, an “interior theater.”

In a second series of works, two large paintings, Lucchesi introduces the figure of the deer as a subject—frequently used by the artist—emphasizing the instinctive nature from which man distances himself.

A new perspective arises as much from the creative process as from the viewer’s experience. The works, and the semi-industrial space in which they are installed, intensify a general sense of disorientation in the contrasts of measurements (of one’s own body, the sculptures and architecture).

Among the first exhibitions inaugurated after the summer break, OUT THERE is Gianni Lucchesi’s contribution to the recovery of Milan—creative and artistic capi- tal at an international level—and will remain open during Fuorisalone, Milan De- sign Week and the Miart contemporary art fair.

Installation views and works


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan