Perché è così difficile dichiararsi?

October 26, 2023 - January 5, 2024

IPERCUBO is pleased to present Perché è così difficile dichiararsi?, second solo show of the artist Adelisa Selimbašić at the gallery, curated by Rossella Farinotti.

On this occasion, the artist will exhibit a new body of works produced following her recent residency in New York, where she also participated in a two-person exhibition.
Adelisa, already known in Italy and abroad for her depictions of women in everyday contexts and for the bold use of colours, in this new series of paintings, represents deconstructed bodies that assume an ambiguous dimension. Her palette gradually fades, causing the colours to become almost part of the skin of the subjects themselves. This process highlights the continuous evolution of her artistic research, in which matter and subject are intertwined.
As the artist declares “I reflect on how female bodies are perceived compared to the most common heteronormative stereotypes and, above all, the inner struggle that these perceptions imply: a challenge between our authentic self and what society requires us to be. Moreover, I do not see identity as a static and defined reality, but as a constantly evolving process.”

The curator, Rossella Farinotti, points out to the importance of the exhibited works: “Adelisa’s exhibition presents both new works and new actions aimed at emphasising the artist’s need to conceive the gallery differently. Adelisa, in fact, operates in the space placing the visitor in a direct and intimate contact with the works which will have an unprecedented support, as if to push them towards an extra-pictorial way of acting. An approach that the artist has experimented and activated in two previous fundamental moments for her research: At Marselleria (Milan) in February 2023 she organized a performance of vogueing in dialogue with her works and the bodies represented, in the context of a group exhibition entitled Sassifraga, a spin-off of the artist residency Tagli (Stromboli). Moreover, in June 2023, on the occasion of Cremona Art-Week, her big-size swimmers (10 x 3 mts) painted on canvas were installed three-dimensionally in an architectural arch, to give the opportunity to the visitor to inhabit the work, activating a physical relationship with it and with space”.

Installation views and works



Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan