Pittura di respiro

June 22 - July 23, 2021


Galleria Allegra Ravizza, Lugano; FL GALLERY (Federico Luger Gallery), Milan; galleria IPERCUBO, Milan and Wizard Gallery, London are pleased to present Pittura di respiro, a selection of works by Camilla Alberti, Danilo Buccella, Franklin Evans, Agnese Guido, Federico Luger, Alan Silvestri, Ludovic Thiriez.

Pittura di respiro is an experiment in which a new generation of artists worked around the simple idea that painting helps us not only think and dream, but also breath: In dialogue with the breathing objects by Weseler, whose oeuvre focused on respiration since 1964, Alberti, Buccella, Evans, Guido, Luger, Silvestri and Thiriez suggest that breathing can also be conceived in terms of colour, as a completely personal experience that each viewer is invited explore in her/his own way.
The four galleries decided to collaborate in this summer show in order to celebrate the always current relevance of painting.



Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan