Sarah Ciracì´s Technocentric exhibition will open on January 25th at IPERCUBO, in Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 in Milan, and will remain open until February 19th, 2022.

Featured works:

Giogo (Yoke) – A remake of the Aerei (Planes) series by Alighiero Boetti, where the abundance and surveillance of satellites overturns the values expressed in Boetti’s work: there is no freedom where there is capillary control. In turning the eyes to the sky and beyond the visible there is no longer God or mystery but control devices that accumulate data. A myriad of appartuses that separate humankind from the unknown and mysterious space and, like in a mirror, reflect life on Earth by feeding information.

Sacrilegio (Sacrilege) – Reflects on the control and exploitation of humans on non-human animals implemented through machines applied, among others, to intensive farming. The piece uses the archetype of the mandala, the circle, a symbol of unity and harmony, which however in this work is transformed into a distorted and perverse symbol that annihilates the sacred element into an instrument of domination: the form of the panopticon applied to the surveillance and torture of animals raised as food for another species.

New Era New Hero – Series of vases is inspired by Greek iconography of the of the Olympics reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Made by craftsmen specialised in the reproduction of Greek ceramics, at first glance the vases do not appear dissimilar from the original: The representation of athletes engaged in sports competitions. Only with a closer look one becomes aware that some limbs of the athletes are artificial, they are prostheses of contemporary manufacture. The Paralympic athletes represent the incarnation of the contemporary hero, superhuman beings in which superiority of spirit is combined with the divine project of technology.


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan