June 10th-16th

PERCUBO participates in VOLTA Basel showcasing works by Sarah Ciracì and Axel Straschnoy

June 11th-16th
VIP Preview June 10th
Booth D.03

Sarah Ciracì’s Giogo is a remake of the Aerei (Planes) series by Alighiero Boetti, which was realized in 1977. His planes joyfully fly over the planet, fluttering in a sky without borders. In this way, Alighiero Boetti celebrated the triumph of freedom of the imagination and free time, two elements that feed each other. On the contrary, in Giogo, the abundance and surveillance of satellites overturns the values expressed in Boetti’s work: There is no freedom where there is capillary control. In turning the eyes to the sky and beyond the visible, there is no longer God or mystery, but control devices that accumulate data. Technocentrism admits neither mystery, nor freedom. Boetti’s game turns into a preconceived and applied subjugation of subjects. However, the work introduces the anomaly as possible a way out: In the uniformity of control apparatuses, a foreign element could become a chance of subversion through anomalous differences.


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan