June 10th-16th

PERCUBO participates in VOLTA Basel showcasing works by Sarah Ciracì and Axel Straschnoy

June 11th-16th
VIP Preview June 10th
Booth D.03

Axel Straschnoy’s Brave the Heavenly Breezes is a project about our need to travel and explore. It is a grand plan to create a spaceship that one day will tour through Outer Space. One could launch a small solar sail into Space, a space flaneur of sorts, without transmission equipment, without cameras, without control. It would probably take thousands of years to leave the solar system, but moved by the poor traction of the few photons it will catch it would still go forward. As simple as it can be to create a small solar sail, it would still need to be launched beyond Earth’s orbit, presenting what, at the moment, is an impossible launch cost. However, a solar sail is very similar to a kite, a kite without a tail, a line or weight. So one could develop a Solar Sail spaceship by building kites and testing them.


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan