September 21st-October 21st, 2022.

IPERCUBO is pleased to present Alan Silvestri’s first solo exhibition, Lente deflagrazioni (Slow Deflagrations), in dialogue with the invited artist Giuseppe Stampone, and curated by Edoardo Monti.

Alan Silvestri paints simple objects of everyday life or elements of nature to focus hist attention on pictorial qualities: a mop, oranges, trees, the mountain, or, as in the case of this exhibition, the Effusioni (Efussions) series, inspired by the “Arbre Magique”, the popular scented cardboard tree to hang in the car.

As the curator, Edoardo Monti explains: “Scenes of everyday life, which canvas after canvas take on new identities, become elements of a complex, structured, broader composition. The Effusioni series summarizes these qualities, a corpus of works conceived in 2020 and realised in the past months, with the peculiar characteristic of being painted in oil and made on wooden boards in the shape of the Arbre Magique. […] Pine cones, branches and shoots of conifers, which wink at the biography of the artist who grew up in Livigno, articulate a well-defined visual rhythm with a stylized shape“.

In dialogue with Silvestri’s corpus of works, there is also a work by Giuseppe Stampone, conceived especially for the exhibition, Profumo d’artista, in which Stampone takes up the image of the fragrant tree and places it in a loose reinterpretation of the interiors by Johannes Vermeer, in which, as is characteristic in his works, elements of the history of art, the media and pop culture are mixed together in a sort of conceptual collage, rigorously made with his favourite medium in his custom made colour: the Bic pen in “Stampone’s blue”.


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87 Milan